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Material: Used Cloth, Text, Brass,Powder Coating, Stainless Steel

I Have My Heart in My Pocket---- Brooch/Poem






Artist's word:

《I Have My Heart in My Pocket》is an installation work which takes jewelry as an essential element. In this work, I take used clothing as my primary material, as well as my concept carrier. Clothing has an intimate relationship with our body. When separated from it, clothing represents both the present and absence of the body simultaneously. Also, clothing is the apparition. It evolves from being room for the body to the physical as well as the psychological symbol of space, memory, and anecdote.  Also,  by introducing the used object to work, I complete the concept of "experiencing other’s experience," a metaphor of how intermixed layers of identity are exchanged within a given social environment. I want my work to bring the audience into a negotiation space of how the reconstruction of identity has been performed in our social life.

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