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A  Dictionary:

The work is part of my research on text as material. I want to combine two languages, Chinese and English, to build a form of the visual poem as a new way of 'reading.' 'Reading', as regards English, contains two ways of action: to look at and understand the meaning of written or printed words; to go through written or printed words in speaking. So, in English, the visual experience and sound experience of language have no clear boundary. While Chinese is a logogram language with a hieroglyph language history, the action in 'reading' is two distinct experiences in the matter of visual and sound. I pair the two languages to create a form of visual poem that provides a 'gazing experience', which oscillates between context and form, gaze and interaction, interpretation and imagination.

Video Performance/ Interactive Digital Poem

(Mouse) Interactive Poem--
An xie ty    is A Floating River

(Mouse) Interactive Poem--
An xie ty    is A Floating River(Excerpt)

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