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Glitch-On The Same Page :


“Words are like planets, each with its own gravitational pull.”

--Kenneth Burke



“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts. "

-- Jaques in William Shakespeare’s As You Like It


Material: Used Books, 24K gold Thread, 24K gold Foil, Text, Stainless Steel


"By disconnecting the text from their given content and context, I want to establish a condition for the appearance to a ritual in the work--the emergence of things in space and in the act of perceiving them."

---Jiangliu Dong, the artist of this work

On the Same Page is an art project that uses old books from the one-dollar sale at the Onondaga County Public Library in New York State. This work intends to investigate the relationship between signifier and signification, meaning and form, digital experience and materiality, art and communication. The project follows ten steps, and each step contributes to its core concept and strategy, with meaning-making as an ongoing process. This work aims to provide a fluctuating structure and closure to extend the perception of content, context, and communication by providing an open-ended interaction. As 'Context Providers: Conditions of Meaning in Media Arts' states: 'The Internet is a contextual network where a different context is always only one click away, and everyone is engaged in a continuous process of creating context and recontextualizing. The process of creating meaning is influenced by an awareness of shifting contexts, and the construction of meaning in the networked, digital environment relies on a continuous renegotiation of context as a moving target.

To scratch the provided text, thus easing the content's meaning.

To create a fluid context. To cut the page into two parts, thereby breaking the re-provided meaning.

To re-bind words with gold thread, using gold both as signifier and signified.

To have the audience cut the gold thread, again easing the artist-made meaning.

To fold, crease, and trace the paper marks as meaning.

To wear the object, considering wearability and movement as part of meaning-making.

To have the audience re-create meaning online, thus making a digital context for meaning.

To find the audience's mysterious 'half' page online, turning context into a form of communication.

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