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A Golden Horizon Line

Video Performance/ Body Piece

After three years living in the US, I went back to China in 2016. Somehow, I feel that I'm losing contact with the art world that I used to familiar with.

Then, I ordered this book called Theories and Documents of Contemporary Art, just to hold a touch of my old life and also as a bridge to transfer myself to a new start.


I waited nearly three weeks for the book to come. And one afternoon, I received a phone call from Shanghai. The custom in Shanghai informed me that they were holding my book, according to the law for duty in China, there are some contents in this book that need to be crossed off(, and they will use a black mark to cover the sentence before mail it to me.


I was speechless while holding the phone.


At this very moment, the idea of what does it really means to be born as a mainland Chinese suddenly becomes so clear, and scary.

 I have lived in this country more than twenty years, how many information that I was blinded by, how many lies that I used to live in. 


And then, I keep asking myself these questions.


After China finally walked out of poverty, my people, are holding so many hopes and exceptions. 


But what's next? Where are we heading? Are the hopes we are holding are all illusions and lies?


Where this "wall and protection" that the government offering leads us to? 


And, what if, we are penned in this material wealth, but be blinded with a false future.

Therefore, I made a blindfold with genuine gold thread embroidery. 

It's a golden horizon line I will never be able to see, it's a false hope that I never stopped searching.

Material: Fabric, 24K Gold, Thread

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