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How would the sense of self perform in our daily life when we are placed under a continuously changing social dynamics? How does an individual perceive her/him self when given to an indistinct identity in society? Also, how a shifting of social identity and environment scene generate a sense of loss?

          Incorporating variety approaches including performance, object, text, and video, my work, intent to investigate the relationship between identity and ontology, especially the emotion state of loneliness, isolation and anxiety of individual being.

          Identity is mostly a dialogic and strategy, is a way of framing our sense of self toward a persuasive existence. Identity is also a narrative, a rhetorical method to construct a personal's perspective. Moreover, "being self," in a similar way, is performative. So that very often, we are used to taking identity as a part of the narrative story in our daily performance of self. In Charles Taylor's Source of the Self pointed us that "to ask what a person is, in abstraction from his or her self-interpretations, is to ask a fundamentally misguided question, one to which in principle there couldn't be an answer." From this theory, as my comprehension, the self is fundamentally an experience. Identity is defined as an ability to articulate a sense of self and self-understanding through experience.

          Coming from many of my own life experience, I learned that the weight of absent identity is as heavy as an imposed social identity itself. As an artist as well as an immigrant, 突然变化和多变的环境,让我们fail to form a persuasive self


I want to seize the vulnerability of an isolated moment, when we try to capture a sense of self. To represent the "realities" of oneself through the feeling of incommensurable loneliness. To unfold the anxious emotion when we are facing the pressure of being Otherness. When we 

          Another important fact for me is jewelry. I have come to a long history with contemporary jewelry and dissolved the concept of jewelry in many ways in my creation; it can be

a process,

an action,

a form, 

a material,

a metaphor,

a connection

an interaction

a logic.


It also grounded certain concepts in my work

the gesture,

the body,

the set

the movement,

the object.

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